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Flat Fee MLS – Multiple Listing - Lower Commission - Discount Commission

Sellers, There is no wisdom or glory in paying more for what you can get for less! 

The traditional functioning of the Real Estate Brokerage is inherently  inefficient with complete disregard to the value of time and knowledge.  Because of these inefficiencies and faults,  the consumer ends up paying a lot more than he should.  We have cut out the wastage and inefficiencies and the resulting savings are being passed on to the consumer.  It does not matter with whom you compare or how you compare,  we offer you a lot more for a lot less!

Of course we cannot compete with YOUR FRIEND,  YOUR CLOSE RELATIVE OR THE ONE WHOM YOU FEEL YOU OWE YOUR BUSINESS TO, however, when you compare, Expertise for Expertise, Experience for Experience, Dollar for Dollar, and Result for Result, We Will Not Be Beaten. We offer you a  new way of selling with MLS or Non-MLS, which  is more efficient, less expensive, values your time and our time and produces results like never before. No wonder this new way of selling has caught the imagination of the consumer and taken the Real Estate Brokerage Industry by  storm. 

You can have our Flat Fee MLS® or Flat Fee Non MLs listing with one of the best representation in the industry. Contact us for a quote and we will gladly quote you our fee for selling your property that will be independent of the selling price.  Our fees depend upon many factors such as the property, location, the value, the difficulty or ease with which the property is likely to sell and so on. Our Flat Fee MLS package gives you the Same MLS- the Same Exposure at great savings and is available for Any property – Any Business and Any Price.

You also have the choice to avail our world famous VIP Full Service Premium Package at very competitive commission. Which ever package you choose , you will have the comfort of knowing that marketing of your property will be under the direct supervision of a reputable broker and a highly skilled negotiator. Having over 32 years experience handling properties of $100,000 to Multimillion dollars, in both bull and bear markets, we know how to negotiate to bring out a favourable sale. We do not leave any thing to a chance; from home staging, to building inspection, to the most powerful proprietary marketing strategies, we take care of every minute details to make sure that you sell your property in a timely fashion and get more to keep from the sale !

Over the last 3 decades people from all walks of life have come to us for  their Real Estate needs.    They know that their financial interests are fully secure once they retain our services. The confidence and trust with which people rely on us gives us a feeling of pride. You too can avail the same highly skilled services and realize more for your property.    

The promotional price structure is now the added bonus to bring  you in our family of clients.  It is our commitment to you that we will deliver and you will get  more  for your property.  After all, we have been delivering the same quality results—year after year--- for the last  34  years!

The choice of exclusive, MLS, Flat Fee or VIP Full Serivce Premium Package is yours –the pleasure to serve will be ours.

Many of  you do not realize that MLS is just the beginning in the sale process; while a MLS listing  gives your property a great exposure, it is  the listing salesperson/Broker’s experience, knowledge, expertise and negotiating skills that  matter the most in deciding as to how much more you will get for your property.  

It never fails to surprise us as to how many people have their guards down  while selecting the person to represent them in their real estate sale or purchase.  For instance, normally, you  would not trust your medical surgery with any doctor, simply  because the doctor happens to be next door to you or  he is your friend or a relative. Most of you would look for the “expert” /  the “best” even when the doctor is on the other side of the city or town.  You ignore the distance simply because you know that the best deliver the “Best” results.  But when it comes to choosing a Real Estate Broker who will safeguard your financial health, you break all the rules – perhaps because you think it would  not matter!

A word of caution here;  All brokers/salespersons/brokerages are not created equal and you need to be very careful in choosing the one who will represent you.  You can choose the best by comparing their resumes, this way you will not end up compromising your financial interests

FSBOS - Private Sale –Flat Fee MLS – For Sale By Owner - No Agent

FSBOs- those sellers who want to be adventurous and sell privately, can advertise their houses, condominiums or businesses absolutely FREE on several of our websites. FSBOs can even have a FREE website and FREE hosting for their property or business . The process is simple and the website will go live within seconds of filling a simple text form.
Both Buyers and Sellers as Members of our Real Estate Website (membership is fast and free) can get access to the members area of this website with their own username name and password. Membership has its benefits.

Foreclosures –Power of Sales – Tax Liens Sales - Bank Sales - Distress Sales

Because of  the frequent hacking of our website, some features of the site may not be accessible. However, we will continue to provide information on "Foresclosures & Power of Sale" properties, on individual basis. Should you have any difficulty in accessing any page of our site or any information, please contact us and we will do our best to help you

At www.welistfree.com, you can learn all about Power of Sales / Foreclosures including the steps leading to Power of Sale and Foreclosure. You can also learn how to stop, avoid or get legal help to stop a Power of Sale or sale under Foreclosure. Buyers, we provide you FREE access, with your own username and password that you choose, to the exclusive members area that lists Foreclosures, Power of Sales, Homes being sold by Banks and mortgagee in possession (Searched with wildcard keywords “mortgage, mortgagee, Power of sale, and bank”), Distress Sales, Handyman specials, Homes in need of TLC, Homes in need of repairs and renovations and other high Value Properties.

You will find properties sifted and sorted out in 80 different categories. Investors and regular buyers both will be find this information simply priceless as this information, in this format, is not available any where on the net for any price.

From this website, you can search homes in Toronto and its Neighborhoods, MLS network & several other Real Estate boards. You can also search homes in other provinces of Canada and beyond; for your convenience, access to International Real Estate is provided to you, right from our website

Mortgages - First Mortgage - Second Mortgage - Home Equity Loan - Line of Credit - Lower Interest Rates

Arranging money has never been easier. We can arrange a line of credit, first, second or a third mortgage, refinance home loan, arrange mortgages to take out home equity loan and even arrange a reverse mortgage.
We can get heavy interest rate discounts for people with good credit ratings and for those who do not have a high beacon score and are facing financial difficulties, we can raise funds to save their credit and home. Very rarely there would be a situation where we can not come up with a solution. Try us out. Apply For A Loan or A Mortgage You will find it very hard to beat or even match what we can do in the marketplace. Afterall, we have been helping people for the last 32 years.

Rentals - Luxury Homes - Near University- Downtown Homes - Downtown Condos

Rentals: Though rentals are not our Forte, we have access to a large inventory of rentals of luxury houses and luxury condominiums. We can also help students & staff find downtown rental accommodation within walking distance to University of Toronto and York University . Many of these rentals are not posted on MLS or web, so please check with us with your requirements. Rents in prime areas tend to be on the high side -about 2 to 4 dollars per square ft per month, higher range being for the downtown homes and condos, and those that are newer and luxurious. For this very reason, many who need to rent for a few years, opt to buy rather than rent.

Agents, we can help you with your real estate career. It does not matter where you live and practice your business; we can send business leads to you. On an average, our website gets over 1.3 million hits a month; in plain language we have the traffic of people from all over the world looking to buy and sell Real Estate and Business You can become a member of our referral network from our website-TryOurLeads.com.

Membership is Fast and Free!

In a never ending goal to provide you with the most relevant information, we also display "sponsored links" to other Real Estate, Mortgage and money related sites. Trust you will appreciate the ease of access to such information.
Our Mission is simple: to provide you with the finest information, service, and results. There are over 700 pages, feel free to browse around and let us know when you find a property or a business that interests you.
  We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Coldwell Banker Trail Blazers Realty, Brokerage
TEL: 416.630.1999 / 905.660.7999. Toll Free 1.866.890.1999.

Each Office Is Independently Owned & Operated

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    Bancroft District Real Estate Board, Barrie & District Real Estate Board, Brampton Real Estate Board, Brantford Regional Real Estate Association Inc., Chatham - Kent Real Estate Board , Cobourg - Port Hope District Real Estate Board, Cornwall & District Real Estate Board, Durham Region Real Estate Board , Georgian Triangle Real Estate Board, Guelph & District Real Estate Board , Huron Perth Real Estate Board , Kawartha Lakes Real Estate Association Inc., Kingston & Area Real Estate Association , itchener - Waterloo Real Estate Board Inc , London & St. Thomas Real Estate Board Midland - Penetang District Real Estate Board Inc, Mississauga Real Estate Board, Muskoka & Haliburton Association of REALTORS, Niagara Association of REALTORS, North Bay Real Estate Board , Oakville - Milton & District Real Estate Board, Orillia & District Real Estate Board, Ottawa Real Estate Board, Parry Sound Real Estate Board,

    Peterborough & the Kawarthas Association of Realtors, Quinte and District Real Estate Board Real Estate Board of Cambridge Inc, REALTORS Association of Grey Bruce Owen Sound, REALTORS Association of Hamilton – Burlington , Renfrew County Real Estate Board Rideau - St. Lawrence Real Estate Board , Sarnia - Lambton Real Estate Board, Sault Ste. Marie Real Estate Board, Simcoe & District Real Estate Board Sudbury Real Estate Board, Thunder Bay Real Estate Board, Tillsonburg District Real Estate Board, Timmins Real Estate Board Toronto Real Estate Board, Windsor - Essex County Real Estate Board, Woodstock - Ingersoll & District Real Estate Board and York Region Real Estate Board

    If your area is covered by any of the above real estate boards, we should be able to provide Flat Fee MLS listing even to those who are in smaller towns or cities. It is well known fact that a large number of buyers for properties in smaller towns come from GTA. We will help you increase exposure of your property by giving you a MLS listing in Toronto Real Estate Board as well. Please check with us for details.
    Under this Flat Fee listing, you also have the option of selling property privately. For those who need only specific or limited services, we will gladly prepare a custom service package and offer you at very affordable price. FSBOS, those who are considering to sell privately, this should be of great interest. Please contact us with your requirements.
    If your area is covered by any of the above real estate boards, we should be able to provide Flat Fee MLS listing even to those who are in smaller towns or cities. It is well known fact that a large number of buyers for properties in smaller towns come from GTA. We will help you increase exposure of your property by giving you a MLS listing in Toronto Real Estate Board as well. Please check with us for details.
    We regularly get requests for our services from outside Ontario and many times from outside Canada . While we are licensed to sell Real Estate only in Ontario , we can refer you to a local broker who can offer you the services at similar discounts and help you save money as well. We have working relations in Alberta , Manitoba , Saskatchewan , Quebec , Alberta , British Columbia , Prince Edward Islands , Newfoundland , almost all the states in United States and many countries in the world.
    The savings are REAL and SUBSTANTIAL. We are committed to lower your cost of selling whether it is a house, a condo, a loft or a townhouse, an industrial or a commercial property and help you keep more from the sale of your property or business. Contact us, you will be pleasantly surprised what we can do for you.



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